‘A Fantastic Woman’ and ‘Strong Island’ adds transgender representation to the 90th annual Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is hosted every year in Los Angeles. This year, two films with transgender representation have been nominated.

The first nomination is for ‘A Fantastic Woman’ under the “Best Foreign Langauge Film” category. The 2017 Chilean Drama centers around a transgender woman who is shunned by her lover’s family after his sudden death. It stars Chile’s first openly transgender actress, Daniela Vega as has been heralded as a milestone for transgender representation.

Strong Island

‘Strong Island’ has been nominated for the Best Documentary Feature award. Directed by Yance Ford, the documentary details the 1992 slaying of his 24-year-old brother, William Ford Jr. Yance Ford is the first openly transgender man to be nominated for an Academy Award. ‘Strong Island’ is available to watch on Netflix.

The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4th.

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