LGBT killings up 86% from 2016.

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs(NCAVP) has reported that 52 LGBT people were killed in 2017, nearly doubling from the 2016 statistic of 28. The report only counts isolated incidents and thus has omitted the Pulse Nightclub Shooting from their data. Considering this, it shows an 86% increase in violent homicides towards the LGBT community from the previous year.

NCAVP has documented a “consistent and steadily rising” number of homicides of transgender women of color over the last five years. The report suggests that Transgender women of color are overwhelmingly vulnerable to being victims of anti-LGBT violence, accounting for 42% of the victims. They face discrimination in the form of transphobia, homophobia, racism, and sexism.

The report also found that 45% of homicides where the victims were queer, bi, or gay cisgender men were related to “hook-up violence,” the act of luring unsuspecting victims using online dating sites or personal ads for violence, robbery, or murder. 

Violence also staggeringly affected LGBT youth in 2017, with 67% of victims in all cases being under 36 years of age.

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